Hearing Test

A hearing test provides an evaluation of the sensitivity of a person’s sense of hearing. An audiometer is used to determine a person’s hearing sensitivity at different frequencies.


  • A full report to the Employer
  • Individual verbal reports for each employee tested
  • An ear examination
  • Back up of records


  • Hearing Screening tests
  • Baseline test
(This is one test done right after the other. This test needs to be done within 30 days from appointment)
  • You can allow 7 minutes per employee for single screening and 12 minutes for baseline (two hearing tests on new employees)
  • 40 Employees can be tested in 7 hours
  • The certification of the Audiometer and Booth will be conducted by a company PG TEST SERVICES CC. This is a legal requirement Reg. 082 as part of SABS regulations as stipulated by OHASA.

The Audiometric testing facility is a Mobile Unit.

We will do the testing on your premises, which will save you money and time.